Controvento Windproof

1,950 ден

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High quality gloves for windy and damp days. The material will fend off the impact of rainfall, providing comfort while reaching your destination. The ventilation panels between the fingers will allow to comfortably cover many kilometres even during intense exercise. The extended cut and robust Velcro effectively protect against cold air inflow. The panels, anatomically placed on hand, will reduce the formation of fingerprints even during very long rides. The used silicone print will ensure a firm grip and precision in controlling the brake levers and shifters.

Size: L
Material: anti-wind
Closure: RZEP

Z0411T4COD000033XLRDGloves Windproof Controvento XL T4COD000033XLRD
Z0412T4COD000033XXLRDGloves Windproof Controvento XXL T4COD000033XXLRD

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